What is the Best Stock Photo Website?

When it comes to stock photo websites, most people would usually go for either the cheapest, most direct-to-the-point, most user-friendly, most number of quality images, or the most number of images in a stock agency’s library. It is a known fact for stock image buyers that buying and searching for stock images can be tedious and expensive task.

For a stock agency to qualify as one of the best stock photo website, they should have the following factors:

  • Pricing – this is probably the first thing most consumers would want to check out. When it comes to stock photo purchases there are a lot of people who would prefer purchasing cheaper images compared to expensive ones. The prices for the images don’t always necessarily mean cheaper images have lower quality, but not everyone can spare a high budget for quality images. Consider it as a good deal if you see a stock photo agency offering the quality images you need at a very cheap price!
  • Website accessibility and interface – just like most websites, first impressions definitely last. A comfortable website with easy-to-do features and direct-to-the-point user interface is a welcoming experience for both newbie and veteran stock photo buyers.
  • Quantity and Quality – one of the best stock photo agencies must have a huge library. This is to allow the users more options and increase their chances of finding the photos they want. However, quantity alone won’t suffice. It is important that both quality and quantity works in perfect tandem when it comes to a stock photo site’s library.
  • Member contribution – when it comes to content, stock photo agencies that allow contribution from aspiring or veteran photographers and artists usually have an impressive library of content. Fresh content will surge daily and weekly due to contribution and stock photo agencies that compensates their contributors by purchasing their works are blessed with a huge library of both quality and quantity. If the stock photo site also allows interaction between members, it will be even more effective as consumer demand can help identify the categories gaining popularity and demand thereby increasing more content for that certain demographic. Furthermore, giving members the opportunity to contribute and gain monetary compensation for such while also having a large number of subscribers and customers will always equate to a booming business – and it is well understood that the stock image market is a large market for business.

Although there are a lot of websites that aren’t among usual popular sites, it still comes down to overall preference. However, when a stock photo agency has the following factors that would make it as the best stock photo website, it definitely belongs to the top-tier, if not the best, among its peers.

So without further ado, here’s the recommended site as the best stock photo website.

Depositphotos – has over 32 million royalty-free stock photos, vector images, and videos combined. They also have a Favorites feature to save your projects, create folders, and even send them to your friends and associates. They also offer a referral program to let users avail 15% discount for every purchase. They are highly rated with over 2 million satisfied customers giving positive feedback. They also have a free trial which allows free download of 35 royalty-free stock images for a period of 7 days (5 free images per day for 7 days).


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