Stock Photo Dilemma: Transfer your Dollar Photo Club Account or Find a Better Alternative?


The Dollar Photo Club is closing, but it leaves its members with a stock photo dilemma. If you are one of them, what will you do? Will you transfer your account to Adobe Stock or find a better alternative? Before you decide on anything, make sure you have weighed the cons and pros of both choices. Keep in mind that a good Dollar Photo Club alternative should meet not only your creative needs but your budget as well.

With the Dollar Photo Club closure, you will have no longer access to any unused images unless you transfer your account to Adobe Stock. You will also enjoy special discounts on downloading images. However, you need to have an Adobe ID before you have access to special subscription rates and your remaining downloads. This is where the disadvantage comes. Not all countries support Adobe Stock. You can only have access to your unused downloads, which is valid for only one year.

On the other hand, finding a better alternative will lead you to better if not the best image deals. Stock Photo Secrets have the perfect Dollar Photo Club alternative for expired members. It introduces 99 Club, a stock photo website that provides its newest members with 200 high resolution images for only $99. Since it has been around for over 10 years, it is safe to say that 99 Club is here to stay. You do not have to worry about it closing anytime soon.

99 Club has over 4 million high quality royalty-free images in its collection. It continually grows by adding 60,000 to 80,000 fresh images every month. All images are available for download when you join the stock photo website. You only have to pay $99 for an annual membership that entitles you to 200 XXL images. You do not have to worry about downloading all 200 before your subscription expires too. You can always download extra images for $0.99 each.


Those are only some of the reasons why finding a better Dollar Photo Club alternative should be your first choice. The image downloads with 99 Club have no expiration date. You can use them forever. They also include the right license and model or property release so you can use them in any project for as long as you wish. Furthermore, you will have no download limit. You can download them whenever you like – even if it is all in one day.

99 Club offer has limited availability. Only a limited number of customers are given membership. Sign up today to be one of the newest members to enjoy twice the image downloads and a cheaper rate than the Dollar Photo Club. Be a part of the stock photo website’s creative community.

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