Shutterstock Free Images: February Edition

Are you looking for free images? While Google may be a tempting source, you should not waste any of your time browsing through pages of its image results. You are only making yourself at risk for copyright infringement violations. Instead of getting yourself hefty fines and ruining your reputation, set up a free account in Shutterstock. You will not only get access to millions of royalty-free images but to actual Shutterstock free images as well.

This month of February, Shutterstock offers its users four beautiful free images that represent important events of the month.

  • 1st Week Free Photo – In the first week of February, Shutterstock takes you to the festive celebration of the Chinese New Year. The free photo depicts an array of lanterns in yellow and red. It is a great addition to your website or blog to celebrate with your Chinese friends, colleagues, business partners and family.
  • 2nd Week Free Photo – The Shutterstock free photo for the second week is just in time for everyone’s favorite working holiday – the Valentine’s Day. Now, who thought that this event is solely for couples? We are not talking about platonic love either. We are talking about food. Yes, nothing makes Love Day more special than good food. From chocolates to cakes, they all make someone special. This week, Shutterstock helps you get ready for the event with a delicious-looking strawberries and cream.
  • 3rd Week Free Photo – The next free photo of the week is for all the romantics out there. It is the perfect way to continue the love from the previous week. Now, if you love weddings, like many people out there, this is the perfect photo to express your fondness. The photo is natural. It is not over-posed. It naturally shows the happiness of two people who just made a vow to be together.
  • 4th Week Free Photo – Down to the final week of the month and last Shutterstock free photo, the stock photo agency takes you to the water. It is perfect for blogs and websites that pertains to the subject. It can also be used to reinforce transparency in your message. The photo looks authentic and natural. In short, it is a beauty.


Although the love month is already coming to an end, it is never too late to express your love for Chinese culture, weddings, beaches and most of all love itself. Also, these Shutterstock coupon code will sure give your readers a new perspective of your ideas and yourself. All these are available when you sign up for a free account. What are you waiting for? Be a part of Shutterstock’s community of creative professionals and get your blogs, website and designs to a higher level with high quality, royalty-free, and more importantly free images.  

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