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For years, Adobe has always had the creative professional in mind. They’ve displayed their mastery of this concept with the way they’ve developed industry-standard applications like Photoshop.

Adobe Has Always Thought Outside the Box

Adobe-Stock-logoNow, not everybody is familiar with the power of Photoshop. However, one application that has always remained free – one that people are generally familiar with – is Adobe Acrobat Reader. You see, Adobe has not just had a hand in creating the best photo manipulation software on the market. They’ve also revolutionized in standardized portable document files – also known as PDFs. They have always been a creative company with a creative audience.

Adobe’s Newest Offering: Adobe Stock

At the beginning of 2015, Adobe purchased Fotolia – a MicroStock agency. Honestly, this move made sense. No matter what power Photoshop has to manipulate photos, Photoshop is powerless if you don’t have a photo to start with. Adobe recognized this, and within six months of the acquisition, Adobe pushed out a brand-new product: Adobe Stock (check this Adobe Stock Review made by StockPhotoSecrets).

For the Creative Professional: Adobe Stock

The people who have always used Adobe’s products – the people who have previously paid over $1000 just to have access to Photoshop – have been the creative professionals. These have included graphic designers, photographers and artists. Many of these creative professionals are employed by marketing agencies. After all, what is a marketing campaign without a little bit of flair?

Wait a minute – aren’t we leaving a group of people out? Creative professionals don’t make up the majority of customers who purchase subscriptions for MicroStock agencies. That group is reserved for marketing professionals. Marketing professionals are known for making up the bulk of the customer base for these stock photo agencies. As a result, many of stock photo agencies cater to marketing professionals. Each one offers millions of different stock photos. Trust me on this one – there are more photos to choose from than just the “businessman on a tightrope” cliché.

a Businessman reading a newspaperAdobe Is in Tune with Their Audience

Adobe has always been in tune with their audience. Now, I’m not saying that Adobe just caters to creative professionals. As a marketing professional, you may fall into both categories – being a creative professional as well. However, many creative professionals don’t qualify as being marketers. When you look at Adobe Stock Business Photos, you’ll notice that they have a creative flair that is absent from other MicroStock agencies. As a marketing professional, you will find exactly what you need with Adobe Stock – there are over 40 million photos to choose from. As a creative professional, you will find an artistic element to the collection that you won’t find anywhere else.

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