Find Premium Stock Footage with a Getty Images Promo Code

From the world’s renowned stock media agency, you can explore hundreds of millions of stock content. A library overflowing with stock footages for every theme and subject is what most creative professionals dream to access. Before, getting Getty Images’ service is a luxury. Individuals and businesses on tight budgets cannot simply purchase from the stock. All that has changed now – thanks to Ultrapacks and Getty Images promo code.


There’s a lot to know about the stock agency, but here are some of the key points:

  • Has over 50,000 hours of film
  • Offers footage for both commercial and editorial purposes
  • Features work of popular media companies such as BBC Motion and National Geographic
  • Offers Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed licenses
  • Buying options save you time and money
  • Wide pricing range that varies on amount of rights needed, usage, clip size and resolution
  • Well organized and highly functional library
  • Additional media available such as images and stills

businessmanWith a Getty Images promo code, you can access all of these. You don’t have to worry about expensive pricing, too. Our current coupon gives you the chance to save up to 30% in your purchases. You can also sign up to Ultrapacks and get $100 off your 1080p HD video downloads with another promo code.

While Getty is more expensive than other stock sites, it is still a great choice when it comes to buying stock footage. The variety and richness of its library will help you find the perfect image for you creative project more easily and quickly. The licensing options grant you the most coverage to usage, too. Moreover, its collection of amazing archival collections and premier footages from media partners add value to your work. It’s probably safe to say that the pros widely surpass the cons.

If you are ready to buy stock footage, visit the stock site now. Don’t forget to redeem a Getty Images promo code. The savings can free your budget from other important expenses that will make your project more amazing.

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